Insert payroll pain <here>

Insert payroll pain

Throughout my career in the industrial construction industry I have worked at both small and large organizations and have been directly involved with Estimating, Project Controls/Execution, Finance & Payroll with projects of all sizes and scopes from the tender stage through to execution and then closeout.

One department that I find is often informed rather than consulted is payroll. Having extensive experience both directly and indirectly in the payroll process, I believe it is critical to have payroll represented in your project early on, it will save you time, money and your reputation as well as sanity.

I would like to share a few key learnings that may shine light on how important it is to make sure payroll has a seat at the table:

  • Mandatory payroll burdens for a service other than construction is almost half and is bid accordingly. But how will your payroll department be notified of this work completed under a different service type?
  • Considerable effort is spent to manpower load a schedule for variable work week, which drastically reduces the overtime burden, how will your payroll department know which project is overtime exempt?
  • An RFP states that travel time for craft labour will not be compensated and the estimating team has committed without exception. Did payroll get an opportunity to weigh in on the impact, or were they just informed once the project is awarded and the execution team is at the height of hiring new workers?

My experience with payroll has been bittersweet, and has taught me a thing or two, mostly the hard way. If you’re looking for, technical payroll advice; a deeper understanding of burdens; adopting new technology; capturing all your billable hours; or if you just want an open discussion and honest feedback feel free to connect with me at

Jenn Hunter